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Beautiful Skyrim - K - ENB

Post  Unreal Warfare on Mon Jan 21, 2013 11:36 pm

K - ENB by Kyokushinoyama

Please view the included README before installation. Please note that the required ENB 0.132 Binary is included with this file if you download it from Beautiful Skyrim, so there is no need to download it from

Author's Note

I never meant to release this setup.
I surely don't release it for popularity, and if you ever enjoy it or if you ever feel like endorsing it, please instead do endorse people I give Credits to.
K ENB wasn't designed for balance, for the largest audience or to be true to the original game.
So if you're searching for a Vanilla enhancer, you won't find it here.
K ENB features twisted codes, non-academic or adviced values, experimentations.
I designed this setup for my personal usage, and there are only 2 reasons that make me release :
Respect shall be payed to Boris Vorontsov as much as we, ENB tweakers, can do. I wouldn't be playing Skyrim anymore since a long time if ENB hadn't exist.
Boris, we owe you. Nuff said.
I received lots of messages asking me for a try, and it'll be less time consuming for me uploading it here than answering each of these PMs.

Last thing, releasing is a good way to turn a tweaking page as well.

Second last thing : Midhras, my friend, the Skyrim ENB community misses you.


Let's continue being frank and honest :

K ENB will NOT be supported
Sadly, I don't have time and energy for it.


K ENB will not be updated
Boris made such improvements lately that my future setups will be quite different from K. Life is changes.


K ENB will hit your performance badly, depending on the system you're running. In other words, YES, there will be a performance hit and it might be quite heavy.
I won't make it performance friendly and I can't adapt it to fit your system. I'd need your own PC for this.
However, best way to win back performance is using another DOF file than K ENB's one, wich is pretty intensive.
You'll find a ton of different enbeffectprepass.fx in K ENB's optional files


K ENB is NOT compatible with Climates of Tamriel, Realistic Lighting or ANY other weather, imagespace modifier, and NEVER will be.
ENB can enhance and ENB can modify. This 'tool' is so huge it covers a wide spectrum of possibilities. You can enhance on enhancements.
But to modify on modifications shouldn't be adviced.
Comments on how adapting K ENB for Climates of Tamriel or any other weather-lighting modifier will not be answered.
Requests about it will not be answered. Forgive me


K ENB will never include performance options, tweaking advices, or optional effects.
See reasons above.
However, a TON of optional DOFs are provided in the optional files, if you can't take the hit of the default one


I won't advice about the textures I'm using, game inis and mods.
To each his own, depending on systems.


None of the screenshots featured on this page was edited.
I'm not around to sell anything, I just want to share some things I enjoyed.


I've been around a lot before, and I did provide, as much as I could, advices and help on my previous ENBs pages or in other places.
If you're searching for advices, you'll find a lot around.
The only ones I'll give you are : DO VISIT enbdev, DO READ Boris Vorontsov's documentation, DO READ the files themselves and DON'T EXPECT ENB to make Skyrim DX13 or to run full features @120 FPS. It won't save the world either.


If you want to run another DOF, tweak this setup, burn this setup, feel free to do. Then, please don't complain.
BUT : be respectfull enough for not reuploading these files calling them yours only by changing some decimal values.
Now if you can sleep doing so, after all, so can I.
In other words, forgive me for being straight : take it or leave it.


This is not me being infatuated or thinking my setup might be better or worse than anyone out there.
On the contrary, I'm trying to be as humble and honest as anyone of us, simple tweakers, have to be and I don't want to make any promises I won't keep.


Genuine SSAO and Complex Indirect Lighting
SMAA SubPixel Morphological Anti Aliasing, SweetFX integrated
High detailled Shadows and Sunrays effects
Highly reworked enbbloom.fx and enbeffect.fx Codes
Bloom saturation and Mood Colouring additions, courtesy of Dirty Peasant
Anamorphic Lenz Flare
Slightly modified Tilt-Shift DOF, courtesy of gp65cj04
SweetFX shaders, courtesy of
Colour correction toggling functions, separation and enhancements, based off JawZ initial DNI separation and further extended
Meshes Fixes for ENB, courtesy of MindFlux


Don't use Mods managers to install K ENB, it won't work coz it CAN'T work.

Copy the folder's contents to their correct destinations

DISABLE Any Game-based or Driver-based antialiasing method, any Anisotropic Filter from game and from drivers

ADD THESE LINES TO SkyrimPrefs.ini, [Display] section :


Please DO calibrate your monitor
Try to avoid any light source too close to your display
Please read the READ ME provided in the files. Do it, really
Please download the 0.132 binary (d3d9.dll)
K ENB has been designed using the wrapper version, but should be fully compatible with the injector version
Back up the following:
The current ENB you're using if currently using one
Your game inis, located in MyDocuments/MyGames/SKyrim
Your game saves
Back up your sun textures, located in Skyrim/Data/textures/sky
When using the mods I'm highly advicing, back up your sky textures as well


K ENB is NOT compatible with Climates of Tamriel, Realistic Lighting or ANY other weather, imagespace modifier, and NEVER will be.
ENB can enhance and ENB can modify. This 'tool' is so huge it covers a wide spectrum of possibilities. You can enhance on enhancements.
But to modify on modifications shouldn't be adviced.



Blackout - Simply Darker Dungeons


Further Dark Dungeons


Revamped Exterior Fog

Dramatic Clouds



Some of my reccommended mods include:

aMidianBorn Book of Silence

Immersive Armors

Immersive Weapons

Texture Pack Combiner

The Witcher 2 Models



BETHESDA, obviously





Solsikke737 MY SISTER


Staind716 Doom916 MY BROTHERS




Boris Vorontsov Please visit ENBDEV

Matso Project MATSO

HeliosDoubleSix CLENB

Andrej Dudenhefner, Jorge Jimenez, Jose I. Echevarria, Tiago Sousa, Diego Gutierrrez SMAA SweetFX Shaders Suite

--JawZ-- JENB Creations ENB Presets



Midhras Midhrastic ENB for Screenarchery

Anaphiel The Goddess ENB, Blackout - Simply Darker Dungeons

Lsiwora The Wilds ENB

Bronze316 True Vision ENB, Project ENB, Seasons of Skyrim


Dark Dungeons for ENB, ENBmote - A quick-key tool, Brighter Campfires

Unreal Warfare Beautiful Skyrim, Unreal Cinema


Skyrim Nexus

Beautiful Skyrim


None of these files are allowed to be redistributed without permission from the author.
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